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Ezgi Dental House is serving for various branches and aiming to solve problems of our patients about oral and dental health by using devices with latest technology in all branches of dentistry.

Esthetic Dentistry

A field of dentistry that provides an impressive teeth and jaw structure esthetically for an individual beside health.



Branch of dentistry dealing with replacing or attaching artificial teeth into jaw permanently.



There are various causes of dental crowding that requires orthodontic treatment. Both genetic and environmental factors may cause crowding alignment of teeth.



Department of dentistry interested in diagnosis and treatment of problems which proceed through the vital tissue of teeth (pulp) including nerve and vessels and surrounding tissues.



Department of dentistry studying clinical and microscopic structure of hard and soft tissues surrounding teeth, diagnosing and treating diseases effecting those tissues, and providing maintenance of health.

pedodonti (1)


A branch of dentistry that provides healthy prevention of deciduous and permanent teeth of 0-13 years old children and solves the problems of teeth caused by factors like decay, trauma, congenital etc.

cene-cerrahisi (1)

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

It’s a field of occupation performing medical and surgical treatment of esthetic, functional and phonetic problems of soft and hard tissue of oral, dental and maxillofacial region related with congenital and acquired diseases and infectious, traumatic and every type of pathologic causes.

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