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Ezgi Dental House is a model for both architecture and dentistry fields by reflecting modern evidence based dentistry technology and perception; and working with the aim of trust and satisfaction first.

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Ezgi Dental House

Our mission is to carry dentistry to a step forward and to work without a pause for healthy and happy patients forever. We are working hard to carry our profession to a step forward by going forward through science and next to mankind.

You Will Feel Yourself Special in our Hygienic Clinic Equipped With Modern Devices.

Our aim is to continue our occupation and job with love just like the first day and being aware of divinity of human health. We are working ceaselessly to provide patient satisfaction, to meet requirements of modern science and medicine and to be a health care institution which is always mentioned as ‘successful’.

Our Services

Ezgi Dental House is serving for various branches and aiming to solve problems of our patients about oral and dental health by using devices with latest technology in all branches of dentistry.

Esthetic Dentistry

A field of dentistry that provides an impressive teeth and jaw structure esthetically for an individual beside health.


Branch of dentistry dealing with replacing or attaching artificial teeth into jaw permanently.


There are various causes of dental crowding that requires orthodontic treatment. Both genetic and environmental factors may cause crowding alignment of teeth.

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We are trying to serve the best for our patients with the support that we get from our patients by gradually increasing our experience each day. Our main purpose is to share the most correct treatment methods with you by combining the latest technology, experience and practice for years.
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Ezgi Dental House

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