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Can Dental Treatment Be Performed in Pregnancy?

Performing dental treatment during the first and last 3 months of pregnancy is not preferred. However, by consulting to your doctor it can be done if there isn’t any problem.

Is removal of calculus harmful?

Of course it is not. In fact there is a department based on this procedure. Dental calculus is the effective factor of all gingival diseases. Consequently it should be removed from the mouth  by experienced and conscious hands. However, staying away from oral hygiene procedures and saying’ anyway my dentist will clean it’ will facilitate accumulation of dental calculus. The important thing is to keep teeth clean, not to clean dental calculus. Because dental calculus removal is not a cosmetic procedure, it is a treatment type.

Should Every Wisdom Tooth Be Extracted?

They don’t need to be extracted if they are in right position inside the mouth, in contact with the opposite tooth and if they don’t have any caries.

Do Braces Effect My Speech?

In generally braces don’t effect your speech. However you will have an adaptation period for a certain time when they are first applied.

Do Implants Come out?

When an implant is completed its’ integration with jaws then there is no possibility of coming out.

How Long Life Span Implants have?

Implants require care like our own teeth. People with good oral hygiene can use their implants for long years under routine doctor control.

Does Orthodontic Treatment Leave Stains on Teeth?

Braces are removed from teeth surface when the treatment is completed. If the patient was careful about his/her oral hygiene during the treatment period then there are no stains; otherwise decays may be observed.

When Should I Bring My Child To A Dentist Firstly?

You should bring your child to a dentist when his/her first deciduous tooth erupts or after his/her first birthday. Usually the first tooth eruption is between 6. Months and 12 months..