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Esthetic Dentistry


A field of dentistry that provides an impressive teeth and jaw structure esthetically for an individual beside health.


Esthetic Dentistry Procedures

  • Porcelain laminated crowns
  • Full ceramic crowns
  • Zirconia based porcelain crowns r
  • Inlay and onlay crowns
  • Bonding procedures


In Which Cases Esthetic Dentistry Procedures are Suitable?

  • For teeth with discoloration due to various causes or for teeth with dark color
  • For fractured anterior teeth due to accidents
  • For anterior tooth decays due to various causes
  • For teeth with improper display because of gingiva recession
  • For esthetic reshaping of teeth after gingiva treatments
  • For reshaping of missing teeth in harmony with lip and face estheticat anterior region due to various reasons.


Advantages of Esthetic Dental Treatment

  • Brighter and good looking teeth,
  • A perfect smile,
  • Increase of self respect and confidence for an individual,
  • Increase of working potential for an individual,
  • Establishing more successful relationships for individuals.