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Branch of dentistry dealing with replacing or attaching artificial teeth into jaw permanently.

Cases Suitable For Implants

Single or Multiple Tooth Loss


Treatment of single tooth loss by using implants is a more preventive treatment method than bridge restorations. Healthy teeth should be prepared and covered for making a bridge prosthesis and this bridge should be changed periodically, beside, this situation is an economic load for the patient. Instead of this, the treatment can be completed without causing any harm and making any procedure to adjacent teeth by replacing implants into the space of missing tooth or teeth.


Total Edantulism


It is very easy to regain natural chewing function, smile and speech ability to an individual by preparing fixed prosthesis with implants in case of not having any tooth inside the oral cavity and for individuals who can not use removable prosthesis due to having problems with retention or nausea reflex.


Stages of Implants


Examination and Planning

Factors like gingiva, upper and lower jaw and teeth relations are evaluated during detailed intra oral examination. The number, length, type of implants and the prosthesis that will be done over those implants are determined.  In some cases, three dimensional tomography can be taken for planning beside classical radiographies.




Implant placement is performed under local anesthesia like the other dental treatments. Incision is done on the gingiva and the implant bed is prepared in alveolar bone by using suitable devices. The implant is placed into this bed by using special devices. The procedure generally lasts for 30 or 60 minutes according to the number of implants.


Stages of Recovery


A certain amount of time should be passed after implant placement. This period is usually 2 months for lower jaw and 3 months for upper jaw (it can change according to patients). Temporary prosthesis can be prepared for the patient in this period. Patients can eat normally, without making any direct chewing load on implants.


Preparation of Prosthesis


Upper structure of implant is placed after the recovery period is completed and new bone is formed around the implant. Impressions are taken for the prosthesis which was planned before. The prosthesis can be prepared as a single crown, bridge or total prosthesis.